Ale, These Lemons Taste Like Lemons!

Ale, these lemons taste like lemons.

I’m often asked, “Alessandra, your Amalfi Lemon gelato filled fruit tastes like a real lemon. How does it taste so good and so fresh!?” Well, first because it is a real lemon! And second, because of where we source those lemons. I would tell you to Google Earth the rest, but since we’re talking food, let me try to help.

Picture yourself standing in an open field. Now fill that field with a few rolling hills. A wagon. Two Italian men – any two will work :0) Name them. Put a sea off into the distance and a volcano just next to it. Now, add an enormous lemon grove.

Where are you? You’re standing in the Amalfi Coast of Italy, or Sorrento to be exact. Reach up and grab a lemon. Can you smell it? Crisp firm and bold. The fragrance fills the air. Wow! These lemon aren’t sour. They are sweet, naturally. Strange? Go ahead, have a bite. Oh boy, a whole new world! Ever tried Limoncello? Same lemons! Now, look around… What are your Italian men doing? They should be working… How’s the volcano? It’s called Mt. Vesuvius and it’s active. We’re thankful for that. After all, that’s what gives these lemons their heightened taste. Volcanic soil. Say that again… volcanic soil. While volcanic ash and tephra in the short-term might wipe out or relocate entire civilizations, see Pompeii, the long-term cultivation results are indescribable. Let me quote a blog that put it best, “Nothing beats volcanic soil. Period.” There you have it.

Back to the air. Take a deep breath. What do you smell? Fragrant lemon peel? Sunlight? Fresh air? Probably all three. And does that smell like Divino? You bet! That’s because our factory is a short 20-minute drive from where you are standing now. Meaning we can pick, produce, pack and freeze without losing any of that divine volcanic taste.

Now, what did we name those two Italians?

xx Alessandra