It Began on a Night in Naples.

Attending a noble’s party in Sorrento, Italy, in August of 1926, Angelo de Angelis and Adelina “Diamond Lil” Repucci met for the first time. Angelo was assisting his father serving gelato and fruit, while Diamond Lil’s presence was less about the event and more about her attire. With her majestic elegance and his dazzling charm, the pair was destined to be. As Diamond Lil’s father was a famous dress maker, she had a developed taste for glamour.

Angelo needed to make his mark

He knew the one thing that Diamond Lil loved more than a dress designed by her father was diamonds. On a night in his father’s workshop, Angelo caught a yellow glimmer from a freshly sliced Sorrento lemon.


e took the skin of the fruit and carefully placed a scoop of his father’s famous gelato inside – as a jeweler might set a diamond. It was a natural fit. He knew he had his mark. He had her diamond.

As the story of their love grew, so did the fame of Angelo’s product. As fate would have it, during the summer of 1962, Jacqueline Kennedy visited the Amalfi Coast. From local cafés to lavish parties, First Lady Kennedy encountered Angelo’s gelato filled fruits. The following summer, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy travelled to the NATO base in Naples. His trip was short, but not without request.

Angelo received a phone call.

“The President of the United States has requested your presence.”

A day later, Angelo and Diamond Lil delivered Southern Italy’s greatest gift.

“My wife mentioned your dessert,” the President said, “but could not remember the name.” The President continued, “De Angelis, that is your name, right? What does it mean?” “Of the angels,” Angelo replied.

The President declared, “How Divine!”

And the name Divino was born. Divino’s history is reflected in the crafting of each dessert. Located on the same land as the original factory in Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Divino now supplies venues and supermarkets across the world. The diamond of dessert.



Each of our five fruits is sourced from a particular province in Southern Italy. The fruits are picked when ripe and brought to our factory in the Amalfi Coast. We then take each natural fruit, halve them and scoop out the pulp by hand. We then take this pulp, add water and 9g of cane sugar to make a delicious Italian sorbet in the flavor of the original fruit. We then place this sorbet back into the peel of the original fruit, flash freeze it and package it with both a serving tray and a spoon.

What’s the secret? Volcanic Water.

And while experts figure out all the beneficial properties of the volcanic water from Mt. Vesuvius that supplies our factory, we’ll just say that it makes things taste fresher, naturally.


Amalfi Lemon

Sharp, refreshing, distinctly crisp. Captured within a thick, bright outer skin, the Amalfi Lemon sorbet is immediately memorable and eternally classic. Harvested during the months of March through June and grown within the Protected Geographic Indication land in Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast, this iconic lemon has characterized its region through fragrance and beauty for over 2,000 years, as evident in the mosaic ruins of Pompeii.

Ingredients: Water, lemon pulp (19%), cane sugar, invert cane sugar, citrus fiber.

SKU: 813258020016


Apulian Peach

Sweet, innocent, delicate, fresh. Cradled in a tender, juicy outer skin, the Apulian Peach sorbet is as gentle on touch as it is crisp with taste. Picked in the summer months of June through October, this peach harvest offers a fruit so incredibly juicy and ripe it merely falls from its tree. During the second week of August, Canosa di Puglia’s Percoca Peach Festival is celebrated as tribute to the town’s prized “baby gold”.

Peach pulp (50%), water, cane sugar, invert cane sugar, lemon juice, citrus fiber.

SKU: 813258020047


Ciaculli Tangerine

Sweet, juicy, sharp, crisp. The Ciaculli Tangerine delivers a flavor unforgivingly bold. This Slow Food fruit is carefully produced in a designated region near Palermo, Sicily. Cultivated January through March on less than 200 acres, production is limited to those with experience and dedication and done so exclusively by hand since 750 B.C.E.

Ingredients: Tangerine pulp (72%), cane sugar, invert cane sugar, water, lemon juice, citrus fiber.

SKU: 813258020023


Roman Kiwi

Smooth, soft yet pleasantly interrupted by the presence of delicate seeds. Beyond its unassuming outer skin, the Roman Kiwi challenges the senses through its exotic flavor and pale green speckled hue. Picked at the end of October just outside of Rome, the Hayward Kiwi is cultivated on Protected Geographical Indication volcanic soil and thrives under a warm Italian sun. So important to its region, the Festival of the Latina Kiwi is held each December to honor their treasured “green gold”.

Ingredients: Kiwi pulp (38%), water, cane sugar, invert cane sugar, lemon juice, citrus fiber.

SKU: 813258020030


Vesuvian Plum

Soft, sweet, elegant, delicious. Hidden within a satin skin, the Vesuvian Plum reveals a gelato flavor disarmingly smooth. Picked in the first week of September in the town of Ottaviano, Italy, located in the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius, it is said that this Pappacona Plum was the favorite of summer resident and Roman emperor, Ottaviano Augustus Caesar.

Ingredients: Plum pulp (62%), cane sugar, invert cane sugar, water, lemon juice, citrus fiber.

SKU: 813258020054


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